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Documentos: Guia General de Rescate en Estructuras Colapsadas
Enviado Por Anonimo on Jueves, 20 mayo a las 20:52:00
Requiere también de una variedad de habilidades técnicas combinadas y un conocimiento avanzado de las estructuras de construcción y sus materiales.

Desde aquí puede ver el documento ampliado en versión html. Si desea ver el documento completo en versión PDF o imprimirlo, deberá descargarlo desde nuestra sección descargas click aquí.

Nota: Este documento en versión completa consta de 6 páginas Fuente:

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Noticia más leída sobre Bomberos:Rescate:
Técnicas de Apuntalamiento y Refuerzo de Estructuras

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Re: Guia General de Rescate en Estructuras Colapsadas (Puntuación 1)
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Re: Guia General de Rescate en Estructuras Colapsadas (Puntuación 1)
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Re: Guia General de Rescate en Estructuras Colapsadas (Puntuación 1)
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Re: Guia General de Rescate en Estructuras Colapsadas (Puntuación 1)
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Who knows. The rich are not like the rest of us . If they want five , they get five , even if the subject is at hand stubby little legs on top

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It has to propose something new.
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That's a challenge to many designers, especially in menswear and particularly in Italy, where a reverence for the country's tailoring heritage can often conceal a lack of fresh ideas.
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However, he said traffic slowed in the weeks leading up to Christmas and so the firm was unable to maintain its early positive sales trend.
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But have we turned a corner?
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Is the ability to listen at will a substitute for actually owning an album - and if so,
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and suffered 3-4 times as much piracy per sale as Take Me Home."
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ASOS and Puma should be able to help, as the athletic wear brand and British e-tailer have collaborated on their first limited edition collection together.

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you're welcome! Carol has been wearing them non-stop with scrunchy socks and making them look extremely adorable.

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Two bags that caught my attention, from different categories are the Contemporary Graf & Lantz Charlie & the Luxury Fendi Trois Jours.
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A worker at a Paris salon's presentation on ethical fashion, featuring environmentally-friendly T-shirts made of organic cotton and toxic-free dyes, each conveying a political or artistic message.
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Beer pong games are fun, tournaments are even better and if you want to take beer pong seriously,
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that's okay too as playing is serious especially if there is a bet such who is going to pay for the beer or there's an entry fee to play.
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The captain of the Coach Factory Outlet []Costa Concordia went back on board Thursday for the first time since the cruise liner Coach Factory Outlet [] crashed into the rocks off Italy's Giglio island, Coach Outlet [] killing 32 people.As part of his trial, Francesco Schettino, Michael Kors Outlet Online [] who faces multiple charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship, Coach Online Outlet [] went aboard the vessel with an expert team appointed by the court and was present as a defendant. Coach Factory Outlet [] He denies any wrongdoing in the accident.
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Journalists and photographers swarmed Schettino as he arrived for a briefing on the island ahead of the tour of the ship.The raising of the Costa Concordia last True Religion []September w

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